Copenhagen - Conference: Why and how to protest against G20!

Program for the conference is now ready! Check it out, invite your friends and follow here for more updates:

The 12th to 14th of May Revolutionary Antifascists, Antifascist Youth and Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance (ARNA) organise a conference on G20. Together we will gain more knowledge on the protests against the G20 summit through presentations, discussions, workshops and panels, so we can get even more ready to go to Hamburg in July.

Come and get information on what our German comrades are planning during the protests, learn about your rights during demonstrations in Germany, train your blockade skills, strengthen your affinity group or organise a new with your friends, learn more about the busses to Hamburg organised by ARNA, and meet old and new friends from the Nordic region.

Follow this event for more info on the agenda - and mark the weekend in your calendar, spread the word to your friends, and look forward to a nice and informative weekend.


Venue: Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke // Fælledvej 12, 2200 København N

17.00-18.00: Presentation: G20 for dummies
18.00-19.00: Dinner
19.00-20.00: Interventionistische Linke will tell us about their plans during the protests
20.00-20.15: Info about ARNA, the mobilisation and the busses
20.15: We will go to Bumzens barnight

Venue: Ungdomshuset // Dortheavej 61, 2400, København NV

11.30: The doors open
12.00-12.30: Welcome + info about ARNA and G20
- Presentation+discussion: Know your “representatives”: EU
- Practical workshop: How to break chains and form blockades
14.15-14.45: Coffee break + sandwich
- Videos and stories: History of summit protests
- Practical workshop: Medic presentation
16.45-18.00: Presentation+discussion: The police and justice system in Germany: What are your rights
18.00-19.00: Dinner




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