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Talk: How Capitalism Sells Your Life

När: 2019-09-05 19:00
Var: Smålands Nation, Lund

Your everyday clicks on Facebook is monetized, turned into a commodity and sold instantaneously. And it’s not just the clicks either – it’s what you don’t click, how long you hovered over that banner for a new piece of clothing, what your friends are doing. Capitalism used to be a system which we faced primarily as wage workers – going to our jobs and working for a salary. With the advent of social media, capitalism is turning every part of our personality and our social relationships into a piece of property that it sells… and which it happily turns over to the most advanced surveillance system in the history of humanity in the forms of state surveillance, searching for that elusive enemy within in a situation which draws parallells to 1984. Yet, at the same time this unprecedented capitalist digitalization – and Sweden is one of the most digitalized nations on earth – also offers possibilities to consider all the good that could be done if we were to use this computing power for a socialist economy

Red Mirror is a critical study group initiated by local left radical group Organising Autonomously and concerns the role of technology in relation to patriarchy, capitalism, racism and society overall.

Red Mirror



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