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Talk: Cindy Milstein - Rebellious Mourning

När: 2018-06-14 19:00
Var: India Däck, Lund

We at India Däck are very pleased to host Cindy Milstein (editor) of

"Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief" (AK Press, fall


Cindy will share reflections on the relation between

structural losses, mourning, and resistance. This collection, as Silvia

Federici, author of "Caliban and the Witch," puts it, "uncovers the

destruction of life that capitalist development leaves in its trail. But

it is also witness to the power of grief as a catalyst to collective


Via first-person and/or frontline stories, the

anthology's thirty-seven contributors illuminate, bittersweetly, that we

can bear almost anything when it is worked through collectively. Grief

is generally thought of as something

personal and insular, but when we publicly share loss and pain, we

lessen the power of the forces that debilitate us, while at the same

time building the humane social practices that reduce suffering and

accentuate quality of life for everyone. Addressing tragedies from

Fukushima to Palestine, incarceration to eviction, AIDS crises to border

crossings, and racism to rape, the intimate yet tenacious writing in

this volume shows that mourning can pry open spaces of contestation and

reconstruction, empathy, and solidarity.

Copies of the book Rebellious Mourning will be for sale at the event.

Cindy Milstein is the author of "Anarchism and Its Aspirations,"

coauthor "Paths toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday

Anarchism," and editor of the anthologies "Taking Sides: Revolutionary

Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism" and "Rebellious Mourning: The

Collective Work of Grief" as well as the Lexicon series pamphlets. Long

engaged in anarchistic organizing, social movements, and collective

spaces, Cindy was death doula for three parents over the past four

years. Currently, Cindy organizes with a collective around the general

theme of "care not cops" and is on the core collective of the Institute

for Advanced Troublemaking, an anarchist summer school in Worcester, MA.

India Däck



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