Solidarity with hunger striker Alfredo Cospito from Malmö, Sweden

This is a responsibility text for an action in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Alfredo Cospito.

Alfredo was arrested tried and convicted for the injury of Roberto Adinolfi, (CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare), action taken by “Nucleo Olga of FAI/FRI” and is in prison since 2012. On October 19 2022, Alfredo Cospito began a hunger strike against the conditions of his incarcenation at Sassari prison on the island of Sardinia. The reason for his strike dates back to April 2022 when, after six years of imprisonment among the general prison population, he was transferred to a ‘41-bis’ prison regime, known also as a ‘hard prison’, that includes substantial restrictions on even the most basic of freedoms.

The 41bis regime isolates prisoners from all human contact save an hour-long monthly meeting with family members through a reinforced partition, during which no physical contact is possible. Alfredo is forbidden even to pin the photos of his deceased parents on the cell walls without permission from the Ministry of Justice. He and several hundred other prisoners in Italy are kept confined to cells only a few feet square, subjected to permanent sensory deprivation and cut off from all information about the outside world. The psychological effects on these prisoners have been shown to be severe. In short, they are buried alive.

The 41bis symbolizes what the European states plan for those who resist their hegemony and destabilize the burrial silence in western societies. The 41bis in Italy, the §129 of criminal code, a legal section which is part of the anti-insurgent structures of the German state, and which is made known to the public as "Anti-Terrorist" laws, the “Type C” maximum security prisons designed to isolate anarchist fighters, urban guerrillas and other rebels in Greece, the broad witch-hunt of those resisting the absolutist monster of Leviathan all over the world constitute cemeteries for living resisting subjects. Even here in Sweden, the state answer to illegalism emerging from social inequalities is more police oppression, harder legal sanctions, even for children. There is nothing civilized or liberal in the western world. We will not tolerate the culture of social incarcenation.

On Sunday April 9, we paid a visit to the Italian consulate in Malmö to leave a message.


Next time, we will not be so gentle!