Solidarity poster 4 the accused comrades of the brennero pass in italy: The frontiers are my prison

The frontiers are my prison

sometimes you have to run against a wall, even if you know that it will
not be the wall but you breaking down - but this moment - not turning
back – it’s about dignity. Eventually it’s these moments which become
the cracks that turn the walls to ruins

while armies, weapons, ammunition and war-machines are crossing borders
everywhere to expand or preserve power, to kill

while commodities cross the globe to be delivered to the door of those
with money, in the blink of an eye

while technology is reaching every dark and unknown corner of this earth
and of our lives, without boundaries

they incarcerate thousands on their borders,
let people drown in masses in the sea,
deport them into war and misery

let ‘s attack the structures, profiteers and those responsible for their
border systems
let ‘s attack all states and authority

solidarity with the accused rebels of the demonstration against all
border at the brenner pass 2016 - at the italian-austrian border. in
2016, in order to stop people on the move trying to reach northern
europe from italy, austria had decided to build a wall at the Brenner
Pass, one of the most used. with a combative demonstration these plans
were confronted in an internationalist action. now comrades in italy
face years of imprisonment and house arrest. let ‘s make sure they will
not be alone in this
let’s make sure that solidarity knows no borders!

Freedom for all!