Red Mirror: Socialism and Energy

När: 2020-03-21 14:00
Var: India Däck, Lund

In this Red Mirror we will discuss the scientific article ”Has Cuba Exposed the Myth of ’Free’ Solar Power? Energy, Space and Justice” by Hornborg, Cederlöf and Roos at the human ecology department of LU.
We’re reading this text because we believe that the issue of creating socialism is dependent upon technologies. Technologies, unfortunately, require energy and power, and so this article can serve to aid us in our quest to come closer to a vision of a post-scarcity society with renewable energy.

Please read the text beforehand here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2514848619863607 (unfortunately, an account is required, but we are working on it).

Red Mirror is a critical study group on technology and society in relation to capitalism and patriarchy.

Red Mirror


Var föreläsningen på engelska? Om texten som länkas blir tillgänglig utan konto, så lägg gärna en kommentar här om det. Ur abstract så lyckades jag bl.a. inte förstå detta uttryck: "sociometabolic displacement strategies"

Men det lät väldigt intressant, och det om Kuba också.