Railway sabotage in Russia: Sabotage of railway tracks leading to the 12th Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of RF

We, Anarcho-Communists Combat Organization, sabotaged railway tracks (coordinates: 56 16’44″N 38 12’40.5″E) leading to the 12th Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation – unscrewed a several bolts and dragged the rails apart.

We emphasize that we’re not sure it’s enough for a train to run off the track, it was just a test sabotage so to speak, we wanted try out this method ourselves, and also to make it less visible so the train wouldn’t have time to slow down to a stop.

Nor was it certain that a derailment in such an unpopulated area would attract any media attention. And we have no way of seeing it through with our own eyes, so we decided to publish the results of our work “as is” – to share that experience with other partisans.

Some key aspects:

1) we targeted a railway leading to a military base so no civilian train would be at risk – to avoid innocent victims.

We recommend using where you can find military bases not seen on a regular map. Also, using satellite maps one can visually estimate if the base is “active”. For example, if any military vehicles or equipment can be seen accumulating in open areas.

2) Based on the above, our operating methods were limited: military railways use diesel locomotives to pull trains so there are no signal control cabinets or power lines to damage. That left us only the railtracks as a main point of attack.

3) We’ve managed to disassemble the rail joint and unscrewed the nuts attaching rail to sleepers. As it happens, all it takes is a standard construction tools, adjustable wrenches with a handle > 0,5 m.

You’re going to need adjustable (pipe) wrench because the rail is fastened by 2 types of nuts. We recommend having some type of lubricant to make it easier to unscrew nuts which are old and rusty.

4) So after all that, it became possible to lift and move the rail using leverages. The more nuts you unscrew, the easier you can move the rail.

This method proved to be effective and safe, while at the same time potentially leading to extensive damage to the Armed Forces of RF.

Can only recommend!

Anarcho-Communists Combat Organization