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Open Antifascist info meeting

När: 2019-10-06 16:00
Var: Smålands Nation, LUND

Now, just as 20 years ago we have to get together and take action against fascism. Come to this meeting and get info about the Antifa-actions happening on the 12th of October, and how you can be a part of them and stand up against fascism!

First, we will talk about the demonstration in Stockholm, that will be held in remembrance of the Syndicalist Björn Söderberg that was killed by nazis on the 12th of October 1999, 20 years ago. We provide the necessary practical information about the day in Stockholm.

We will also give information about the nazi-conference that that will take place in Copenhagen on the 12th of October and inform you about the protests against the conference.

The meeting will also give general information on what is good to know before going to Antifa-actions as well as specific information about the day in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

The meeting will be held in English but if you need translation to Swedish this is possible.

So, join for the actions! Lets all clearly show that fascists are not welcome anywhere anytime!

Alerta Alerta!
DATE: 6/10
TIME: 16:00
PLACE: Smålands Nation





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