Malmö: popklubben i solidaritet med grekiska antifas / popklubben in solidarity with antifas in Greece

På fredagen 3e mars är Utkantens legendariska popklubb tillbaka / On Friday, March 3, Utkanten's legendary Pop Club is back!

Popklubb + release party med totalt FYRA band och DJ:s.

There's a light that never goes out #2

Live: Holy Now (Gbg) + Release Party for Hundmänniska
w/ special guests: MANKIND (Sthlm) and Arre Arre

>> Hundmänniska
Lovisa Thurfjells solo project with band. Release party for the album "Det är som det är".
>> Mankind
garage/noisepop from Sthlm. New EP out soon!
>> Arre! Arre!
Malmös punkrock queens are back! First show at "himmaplan" since last summer.

Register here (obligatory): http://<wbr>

Allt överskott går till Asylgruppen och till rättegångskostnader för grekiska antifascister / All money collected goes to Asylgruppen and the legal fees of 21 antifascists in Greece (see bellow).

Short info text about the forthcoming trial of the 21 antifascists in Greece

A total of 21 antifascists in Greece are waiting for their trial to take place facing a sum of nine different criminal charges filed against them (some of which felonies) based on their participation in the third antifascist motorcycle demo that took place on the 30<sup>th</sup> of September, 2012 in central Athens.

The antifascist motorcycle demos, sometimes even referred to as patrols, were part and parcel of the rather wide experimentation of the antifascist movement in Athens in militant antifascist tactics. Tactics that were targeting the increasing fascist violence that was expanding in the streets and neighborhoods of Athens after the first entrance of the neo-nazi Golden Dawn in the Greek Parliament in the previous May elections. At the same time, they were meant to constitute a public response to the tolerance that this kind of violence was offered by the official greek state through police protection.

The third antifascist motorcycle demo took place in the area around Amerikis Square in the centre of Athens, where immigrant communities try to survive against the constant threat of fascist bandits, the control of local mafias and the military-like policing of the greek state. Days before, small range pogroms had been deployed, organised from self-styled “residents’ committees”, during which a local centre of the Tanzanian Community was damaged and people were attacked. The motorcycle demo assembly, constituted from a wide number of mostly anarchist men and women antifascists coming from a large number of squats, groups and assemblies, perceived immigrants as the most undervalued and oppressed section of the proletariat that should be defended by any means. This constituted part of the class struggle that had to be unleashed against the war that the state and capital were waging against the largest part of the society during the first years of the unfolding economic crisis in the country.

The concurrent small-scale militancy and semi-public character of the antifascist motorcycle demos was meant to constitute a barrier to the fascist activities in the streets and at the same time an open and public call to anti-capitalist and anti-state struggle. A call that was addressed to a society that after the last riots that took place on the 12<sup>th</sup> of February, 2012 against the second austerity package was again retreating to private life and apathy. And it was quickly dealt as such by the greek state. The third antifascist motorcycle demo was provoked by two fascists and members of the local “residents’ committees” (one of them also member of the Golden Dawn Squad in Nikea which is directly responsible for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in 2013). The provocation was dealt with minimum violence that was nevertheless enough for the special police motorcycle units (Delta squads) to unleash a full-on attack against the demo.

Fifteen antifascists were arrested either on the spot or along different routes leading to Exarcheia. Many of them were hardly beaten and injured, all of them tortured during their detainment in the Attica General Police Directorate. Six more were later added to the case through the licence plates of the motorcycles that were abandoned during the raid and testimonies of supposed eyewitnesses, all of them members or sympathizers of the local fascist committees. Three days later, all fifteen were released on bail that in total reached the height of €45ooo. The legal fees expected to be needed for the trial will be about one-third more of the former amount.

Support and Organize!

More info about the trial here and here

See also video from the motorcycle demo, the clash with the nazis of Golden Dawn and the attack by the cops