Internationalism Here and Now: A Panel Discussion from Project Communism

När: 2023-02-19 18:30
Var: Smålands nation, Lund

Across the world large-scale, intensive struggles against state, capital and patriarchy are blossoming. In Iran, a massive feminist rebellion is threatening the conservative Mullahs. In China protests against the harsh Covid dictates caught the state on the back foot on a massive scale. In Cuba, the state attempts to contain and co-opt protests while in the USA, the belly of the beast, the contradictions in society between fascism, capital and liberalism and a nascent socialist movement is stark. In Italy global reaction has been the most advanced with neo-fascists in the government. And of course, here in Sweden, these global politics have coalesced in the most corrupt, incompetent and reactionary right-wing government of an age.

In this panel, we bring these global struggles to Lund and Smålands to connect, learn and develop an internationalist movement. Practically, each panelist will be given a few minutes as an introduction and afterwards we will open up for questions and input.

We are happy to bring people from diverse backgrounds, places and struggles together. Our aim is to facilitate a space for meeting and converging, to learn and develop. Under the name of Project: Communism we have been attempting to reconceptualize what a society without classes and states can mean in a world of globalization, high speed Internet and automation. It is about attempting to reforge a common dream for a better world, one beyond borders and nations.

This event is organized with, and will be moderated by, Autonom Organisering.

Smålands nation, Autonom Organisering