On the night between the 20th and 21st of November, Gabriele, a comrade

from Milan, was arrested and transferred to San Vittore prison.

Following the first hearing, on Wednesday 22 November he was granted

house arrest with all restrictions, where he is now. An EAW (European

Arrest Warrant) issued by Hungary hung over him for the events of

February 2023, when some neo-Nazis present in Budapest to commemorate

the ‘Day of Honour’ were attacked.
Already in the weekend of February

11th, some comrades were arrested in Budapest, of whom Ilaria and

Tobias are still imprisoned awaiting trial at the end of January 2024.

At the end of October, for the same facts for which the Italian comrade

and the German comrade are accused, Hungary issued 14 EAWs, two of which

were addressed to Italian comrades. To date, only Gabriele’s arrest has

been executed.
The next appointment with the Italian justice system

for him will be the hearing in the court of appeal, the competent

extradition body, set for 5 December, in wich, the decision for

extradition will be discussed.
We express our total solidarity with

Gabriele and renew our closeness to Ilaria and Tobias. A thought of

courage and good wishes also to all the German comrades wanted by the

authorities for these EAWs.
We want Gabri to stay in Italy and be

free! We stand against his extradition into the hands of fascist Orbán’s

‘justice’ that would like to see our comrades sentenced to years and

years in prison on charges of opposing Nazis.
The investigation and

trial, which has received a lot of media coverage in both Hungary and

Germany, and the heavy charges our comrades are being put on trial with,

seem to send out a clear warning: there is no problem if thousands of

neo-Nazis, some of them organised in paramilitary formations ready to

strike and kill as we have seen all over Europe, gather for their

commemoration, but if anyone dares to try to fight them directly, the

repression and the punishment for the ones standing against them must be

For us, it is just as right and necessary to fight the

Nazis, as it is to stand by those accused and wanted by the European

police for carrying out anti-fascist actions. We will not be bowed down

by repression! Let us mobilise everywhere so that Gabriele is not

transferred to a Hungarian prison where, as if that were not enough, the

detention conditions are among the worst in Europe.

Budapest Antifascist Solidarity Committee