Free Budapest Antifas

Several anti-fascists are currently threatened by extradition to Hungary. A country that has been criticized by human rights organizations for years and has repeatedly been reprimanded for its politically biased justice system. We want to prevent this with the campaign “#NOEXTRADITION – No extradition of anti-fascists”.

The current wave of repression against anti-fascists will cost the accused a lot of money. The next few years will be characterized by lengthy court cases and prison sentences. In addition to legal assistance, this will require our solidarity. In order to organize this solidarity at all levels, we need your support!

In addition to high legal fees and court costs, solidarity support for the proceedings unfortunately also costs money. We therefore welcome financial support. Donations of any amount can be transferred to the following account:

Rote Hilfe e.V.


IBAN: DE77 4306 0967 4007 2383 09


purpose of use: Budapest

We would also like to call on you to support our campaign by name as an individual or with your organization or association.

Under the link you will find the campaign text and the e-mail address with which you can be added to the list of supporters.

You can also easily sign the petition against the extradition of young anti-fascists:

Every donation counts!

Thank you for your support!

Budapest Antifa Solidarity Committee