Finbar Cafferkey

We want here to present you the memory of another one of our comrade, that was killed in action the 19.04.2023:

Finbar Cafferkey, aka Heval Çîya, was an internationalist who worked and fought against state and capital. He saw past superficial contradictions and dilemmas that might paralyze others and instead appreciated the complexity of the world. One can be both discerning and decisive, as he was.

Çîya came to Ukraine when the full-scale war began, he also helped the anti-authoritarian volunteer movement. He regularly delivered humanitarian aid and cars for frontlines from Poland to Ukraine, with the ACK Galicja and the XVX Tacticaid. Brought some night visions for GNIP. He went on humanitarian delivery trips to areas near the frontline with us and hwv_ua. When asked why he did that, Çîya always answered: “Because I have time and I can be useful here.”

Finbar taught others to look, listen, and learn carefully - and valued seeing with one's own eyes. He moved easily through a complex world, comfortably with different people, competently in difficult situations, and calmly amid chaos.

Finbar was active back home, too. In his native County Mayo he was active in the protests against the construction of the Shell to Sea gas pipeline.

With his character, he defended the coasts of his homeland from pillaging corporations. With his understanding, he fought in the battle for Raqqa and showed compassion to everyone he met in the Rojava Revolution against Daesh and the Turkish regime. With his commitment, he embraced and served the Ukrainian resistance as it is.

When he chose to participate in a unit together with 3 of our comrades, we started supporting him with the gear he needed. You can read a word about it published by ecoplatform.

He was a deeply committed comrade who always put struggle and his love for others first; He was funny, kind and loved fully and openly.

With Finbar's thoughtfulness, kindness, and decisiveness, we continue our struggle.

Beir Bua (Grab victory)

Solidarity Collectives