Film screening: The Loud Spring

När: 2023-01-22 18:30
Var: Smålands nation, Lund

"How could a society look that is able to mitigate climate change? And how can we build it?

The film starts with the question why the CO2 emissions did not decrease since the beginning of UN climate conferences: why have we lost 30 years?

It discusses the problems of “green capitalism”: the need for economic growth inherent to capitalist economies, and the dependence of nation states from economic success on the world market. In this context, we assess the potential of renewable energies and other technological fixes, given the problems of resource depletion.

We ask scientists to describe the consequences of unmitigated climate change: at what point are we now? How do things have to change?

In the second part we depict what in the global climate movement is called “System Change”. How would a society capable of dealing with the problem of climate change more responsibly look?
The Loud Spring shall fuel a strategical debate inside the climate movement."



Welcome to this important and timely film screening that connects the most crucial question of our time, climate change, with anticapitalist solutions. We're promoting this film as part of a larger interest in radical climate struggle as we believe it is not just imperative for the solution of our species and our world but in the hopes that this crisis can lead to a better society, a post-capitalist world without classes, states and nations.

So come by, grab some popcorn and then join for a discussion afterwards!

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