Disrupt Tesla: Tour of SWE/DEN

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In Grünheide, near Berlin, 1 million new Teslas will roll off the production line every year, joining the avalanche of cars on the motorways. After three more expansion phases, the plant on the outskirts of Berlin will be the largest car factory in Europe. We want to stop that. More than 250,000 new cars are already produced there every year, adding to the useless electric and combustion engine junk that clogs up our roads and that no one needs in a future where mobility belongs to everyone.

The misogynistic Twitter fascist Elon Musk has used his brand to establish the electric car as a 'green' alternative to the internal combustion engine. But electric cars are not the solution. They are the continuation of the individual transport madness by other means. And that is neither sustainable nor green. The production of an electric car creates a huge ecological footprint through the consumption of resources and thus drives the global climate catastrophe even further.

The idea of another huge car factory in Germany is absurd in the face of the climate catastrophe. That is why we must make a concerted effort to stop this trend. When it comes to mobility, the climate justice movement has often focused on the expansion of roads and motorways. This is absolutely right. But if we want to stop the flood of metal, we must also tackle the source of the problem, the production sites and German car capitalism.

So let's join forces to stop the expansion of the Tesla factory before the supposed alternative of electric cars becomes a real nightmare. Every tree felled for Tesla is one too many, and every litre of water taken from the ground is wasted.

Instead of perpetuating car capitalism in a green guise, we have to end it! We invited comrades from DISRUPT, to talk about their plans to stop car capitalism and for an anticapitalist future. Join the action days in Berlin from 8-12 May.


Efter the presentation from DISRUPT we (Take Concrete Action) will present the climate camp we are arranging this summer in Gävle, between 15-19:th of June. Welcome!

TCA x Disrupt Tesla