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Demo Workshop 1/9 in English

När: 2019-09-01 15:00
Var: TBA, Lund

Place: To be announced

The method by which Swedish police work to maintain "order" and enforce law during "special events", such as demonstrations and football events, is very different from how police in many other countries operate.
If you plan to participate in any form of direct action (eg. 'Folk Mot Fossilgas' in september) in Sweden but lack experience of the local context, lack any experience of DA at all, or just want to remind yourself of the basics, all while having a fun time - this workshop will be something for you!

In the workshop we will cover theoretical topics such as swedish law and police tactics, and also do practical excercises to try out how we would want to act when things get real. More specifically how you during non-violent mass actions can stick to your strategy even when it's easier said than done!

SUF Lund is an autonomous youth group focused on class struggle, feminism and antifascism. Read more about SUF on our Facebook, Instagram or webpage!

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