Common Press Release on the Nordic Mobilization to G20


A huge Nordic mobilization for the protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg is underway. The G20 is a gathering of the biggest 20 national economies, along with the EU, the International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization and specially invited guests like Duterte, president of the Phillipines. The leaders of the G20 countries meet in the left-wing area of Schanzen where police prepare for 100 000 counterdemonstrators.

"We have prepared a bus convoy which starts in Finland, and picks up comrades from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland." says Lisa from the Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance (ARNA) who is one of many organisers of the mobilization. "German press is already fear-mongering over our mobilization, saying that thousands of violent Nordic protestors will come to 'destroy Hamburg.' We are committed to blockade the G20 summit which is an undemocratic gathering of authoritarian states and leaders which forces austerity and neoliberalism on their own countries and others."

The Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance consists of thirteen groups and was formed in anticipation for the G20 summit. However, the alliance will continue working as a long-time organization in the Nordic countries.

"We believe in organizing across borders and many of us have worked together for many years." says Søren from ARNA in Denmark. "ARNA is one way of combatting the nationalism that sweeps over the Nordic countries and which also plagues the G20."

At the G20 summit there are mass blockades of the meeting planned along with many other different demonstrations, meetings and actions. ARNA is participating, along with German and other international groups, in blockading the summit as well as a mass blockade of the harbor in order to strike at the logistics of capital.