Bustur: Køpi Bleibt!

När: 2021-10-15 10:00
Var: Ungdomshuset Dortheavej 61, København

On the 10th. of June the rotten City council of Berlin decided that Køpiplatz should be evicted and now Køpi has recieved the eviction date; the 15th of October at 10 am.
The city council of Berlin has as many other places turned their backs on the right to affordable housing and non-commercial freespaces which amoung others has hit a number of anarchist freespaces in Berlin.
Which has not only resulted in the eviction of both the queer collective Liebig 34 and the underground pub Syndikat but also the general threat of eviction and abolition of underground and leftist projects.
And now Køpiplatz is under attack. The speculant owners has been using underhanded methods and breaching contracts to try and sell the property and thereby pushing three decades of alternative housing projects under the rug.
Therefore we are organising a busride to show solidarity with our Berlin comrades in the international fight for preservation of alternative freespaces!

Sign up here: Kopiblir@riseup.net

Practical information:
The bus drives from Ungdomshuset Friday the 15. th of october at 5 o'clock PM, so be there in good time!
The ticket is 50 kr., remember to bring cash!
Remember passport and corona pass!
No alchohol or substances are allowed on the busride!
Bring snacks for the road and remember sleeping gear for when we arrive
More info will come
Corona information:
Solidarity is our weapon!
Defend the freespaces
Unsere Waffe heisst Solidarität!
Freiräume Verteidigen!

Revolutionære Antifascister