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Antiauthoritarian summer camp 1.-5. August 2018 at Pirkanmaa , Finland

När: 2018-08-01 15:00
Var: near Tampere, Pirkanmaa
<pre "="">Antiauthoritarian summer camp 1.-5. August 2018 at Pirkanmaa Welcome to the antiauthoritarian summer camp at Pirkanmaa nature. This is an invitation for everyone who is fighting for more equal, horizontal and just society. Or anyone who wants to join the fight. It's time to gather up and see what there is to learn about our victories and losses. It's also time to have a discussion on how the environment in which we act has changed and update our analysis. And lastly it's also time to get to know each other, have fun and be together. The program of the camp will consist of workshops, discussions, chilling out and relaxing. The themes of the discussions concern different ways of getting organized as anarchists, solidarity, local and global campaigns, necessary practical skills, reclaiming everyday life, joy and sports. It's time to update antiauthoritarian activities to meet the demands of present day! The price of the camp is 50e for the whole camp or 12e per day and it includes vegan food, accommodation (there's also possibility for camping) and the program. Sign up for the camp by sending mail to address leiri2018@riseup.net. Let us know your name, phone number, and what group or project you are active with. If you are not organized in any group, please tell us something about yourself and what you are interested in about. You'll get a reply with information about the payment and some extra-information about the camp. The camp is organized by the anarchist Federation Alusta. Welcome!</pre>

Anarchist Federation - Alusta



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