Activist Workshop @ Smålands

När: 2020-08-18 18:00
Var: Kastanjegatan 7, Lund

New in Lund and looking to get involved in local political struggles?
Or, maybe been here a while and now think it's time for you to get involved?

Do you maybe feel like you don't know enough about the local context of politics?
Or perhaps, you just don't know what there is to get involved in, and what the difference between different organisations are.

In this event we will give a leftist perspective historical overview of modern swedish society, followed by an introduction into ongoing political struggles and controversies.
And finally, a presentation of leftist political groups and organisations, in Lund and Skåne.
We will hopefully answer all your question about Swedish politics, the political groups you're interested in, how to get involved and what they're all about.
You will also meet other people looking for somewhere to get involved, get to know some of your local activists and get tips about other interesting events coming up.

Smålands Nation