Studiecirkel: Society without police, meeting 3

När: 2020-11-24 18:00
Var: Syndikalistiskt Forum, Linnégatan 21, Göteborg

Thanks to the Black Lives Matters movement the criticism against the police and the justice system in general has gotten more attention again lately. Even though this criticism is far from new it can be helpful to get a better understanding of which fundamental shortcomings our current justice system has and which alternatives have been formulated and explored. We want to invite everybody to our study circle with the title "Society without police". No prior knowledge needed, we will learn together and from each other!

The study circle will be on Tuesday nights every other week, beginning on October 27, followed by November 10 and 24 and finally December 8. We will meet at Syndikalistiskt Forum between 18:00 - 20:00 and discuss different texts and our thoughts. The following questions can give an idea of the structure of the circle, but this is flexible and can be adapted to meet our needs:

Meeting 1: Which function and needs should a justice system fulfill in society? How well does the current system (police and prisons) serve this needs?
Meeting 2 + 3: What alternatives to the current system have been developed?
Meeting 4: Which examples exist where these concepts have been applied, and how did it go?

As soon as we have finished choosing our suggestions for the literature we will add it here!

The study circle will be entirely in English.


Entrance underneath the stairs of Hagabion – 2 stairs up – room 303.
The intercom is broken, call 0737-328912 and we will let you in.
There is also an elevator (let us know if you need to use it when you call and we will help you).

At Syndikalistiskt Forum cash is queen (no card, no swish)!

Due to that our room is small it is important that you regard your health when you visit us. If you are healthy you are more than welcome, however if you feel unwell – with any symptom – we ask you to stay at home. This is to to prevent the spread of infections. We reserve the right to send home visitors that are ill. Take care of yourself and remember to wash your hands. Also take care of each other the best way that you can! Don’t stock, try not to panic, support those who are ill and the elderly as good as you can.
This too shall pass. The struggle continues!

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The circle was moved by two weeks. Please check this post for current information:


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