STOCKHOLM: Nattsvart startar Gemensamt Hjälpcenter - Nattsvart opens Mutual Aid Centre


Nattsvarts Community and Mutual Aid Center


Mondays 18 – 21
Fridays 18 – 21
Sundays 13 – 16

The thing that makes anarchism worth the ink used to write about it is the idea of mutual aid as the foundation of human activity. We want to be useful to each other and we feel deeply frustrated when others are hungry and in need <del>–</del> our freedom is only as good as that of our neighbors.

Sometimes it becomes clear that the capitalist, racist, patriarchal piece of garbage that we call society hampers our attempts of mutual aid with each other. This is not so much a sign that mutual aid is impossible, rather that we have not built the right infrastructure yet. Sometimes it becomes clear what it is we have to do. Sometimes, in times of crisis, because of war, economic collapse, a pandemic, our path is laid bare.

Now at Nattsvart Verkstad we will start ‘Community and Mutual Aid Center Hours.’ During these times we open the space to the public as support to basic necessities of life. We can provide a place to cook and possibly acquire food, a place to get clean, a place to rest, and a place to find tools to support life outside of Nattsvart’s walls. We hope that this can be the beginning of the most basic anarchist praxis, Welcome.


  • Shower & restrooms – we have hand sanitizer & towels for those that need to borrow
  • Fully equipped kitchen – including a free & shared food fridge
  • Power outlets – for phones and stuff you need to recharge
  • Mattresses and sofas – to rest in
  • Access to some basic tools – to repair stuff that needs fixing
  • When the need arises we use google translate to help with translations and communications

Herrestagränd 5, 124 59, Högdalens industriområde, Bandhagen

Instagram: @nattsvartverkstad