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People’s alternative academy - workshop on internet security

När: 2019-01-17 18:00
Var: Smålands Nation lund, Lund

Welcome to the people’s alternative academy on Smålands! This time we welcome everyone, newly moved to Lund or old friend, to an introductory workshop on internet security. Who can read your messages? Who can see your activities? Are you paranoid? After this talk you will hopefully have more tools for staying safe on internet, which is extra important for all activists today.

After the talk you will have the possibility to talk to the political committee of Smålands, STINA. If you want to get organized in a leftist political group this is a great opportunity to get to know us and learn some more about what we do.

There will be food and drinks to buy at the Vegan food café before and after the talk https://www.facebook.com/events/212253463036149/

At the end we will also have announcements for upcoming events in Lund. If you have any announcement from your political group you are more than welcome to do them here.

People´s alternative academy is a forum for political discussions, lectures and movies and is organized by the political committee of Smålands, STINA. The people’s academy is happening every second week at Smålands and during the people’s academy we will also inform you about upcoming political events in Lund, it’s a perfect place if you are interested in getting organized or want to know what is going on in Lund or just learn more about political topics





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