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Nørrebro, Copenhagen: Disturbances, carfires and burning dumpsters

During the last few nights there were disturbances and burning cars and dumpsters in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen. Cops in riot-gear were on the streets. Four people have been arrested in relation to the fires so far. Video in the first link. Let the fires spread!





I am sorry to inform you that the reason for these disturbances these last couple of days, is that the leader of the gang ‘LTF’ - Loyal to Familia has been arrested and his gang members are just doing this to show that they are pissed, and basically another way of letting the people know that they own this part of Copenhagen Nørrebro

Sequoia Ezequiel

It is simply not true that LTF is behind this. If you watch the video you will see some of the people arrested. Notice the t-shirt. According to the police and media, for whatever that's worth, the disturbances are caused by both people from the left/autonomous circles and 'unconforming youth'. To claim that the events during the last days is the work of LTF is practically misinformation. By the way, carfires continued for four nights now. The tension is still going on.




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