I find myself in the unfortunate position to announce that I am suspending this difficult struggle without having won anything substantial. However, this struggle is not over yet nor do I intend to leave it unfinished. The suspension is temporary; some of the reasons are the obvious ones. Some are not.

I apologise to those who have supported me that I cannot share the reasons publicly at this point. Should I need to continue I will explain publicly and in detail the reasons I chose the temporary suspension. I will continue to fight for what I deserve and hopefully will not need to continue. The justice system has been humiliated. So far, the only success of this hunger strike is that it has highlighted its contradictions. In terms of the barricades I have attempted to raise, there have been the statements of the lawyers, changing the mood of the "throw them inside and throw away the keys" logic. But my personal request remains open. And my commitment that I wouldn't stop seems betrayed at this point. This weighs on me, of course, and despite knowing that my intention is - if necessary - to continue at a more fruitful time in the near future; but as I said before, not everything can be said at this moment and I hope it will not have to be said.

Closing this announcement, I want to wholeheartedly thank those who have supported me in any way. Those who took a stand, those who transcended their social roles because empathy prevailed. But above all, those who fought tooth and nail to break the enforced silence, those who were beaten in the streets to express their solidarity, those who took risks and those who starved in prison. To the latter I owe my life. If all this had not happened, at this moment the conditions for this suspension wouldn't exist. That's all for now. I still look forward to my immediate release. Everything continues...

Giannis Michailidis

Giannis Michailidis



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