Nordfront customer data leaked

<pre "="">Once again, fascists are marching on the streets of Europe. It's all very 90's. This leaves us, the 1337 antifa hackers no choice. We are putting the band back together. We are going to start hacking like it's 1996 all over again. No legit hackin' swag can be had without a fab zine. This is the premier issue. We will drop one issue of the "n0 fr0nt friday" hacker zine every Friday until we get busted or just sick of it all. There *will* be doxing, there *will* be irresponsible disclosure and there *will* be mad skillz amidst all the white pride nose bl33ds. We wont target anyone based only on their opinions. We don't care. But as soon as you actively spread fascist propaganda, participate in nazi organizing or help finance the same, you are painting a f*cking target on your back and we will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger! In this issue we bring you a taste of what is to come: The complete customer database of the nordfront nazi store. There's a storm coming...</pre>



Nordfront just got pwnd! :D :D :D


ja nordfront har sannerligen mist sin äganderätt över kundrelationen de närmaste åren! Sanna mina ord



en autonom

Har nån en fungerande länk til Nordront Förlag Customer Data?


Hej dog, om du läser innehållet i den länkade texten så publiceras där en länk till nf förlag datan: Issue 1 ~ Part 4 _______________________________________ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nordfront Webshop Customer Database _______________________________________ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nopaste: MD5: 4a0b7f3e0e6331517c17da28ed8b5194




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