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Instant Karma: Idiot Neo-Nazi sets himself on fire while trying to burn down synagogue

Instant Karma: A far-right arsonist in Exeter, Britain, has been locked up after pleading guilty to an arson following a hearing at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) in London on Friday 5 July 2019. Footage recovered at the scene shows the 52-year-old, Tristan Morgan, using an axe to break a window of the Exeter Synagogue, and pouring a liquid inside on July 21, 2018 - on a day commemorating the Holocaust. He then sets the liquid alight, but it backfires, while he is being engulfed in a sudden jet of fire, which blews off his cap and burns his hair, hands and forehead. The court was told that the far-right extremist with deep-rooted anti-Semitic beliefs made songs "exhorting others to violence" against the Jewish community and had an array of material that revelled in the degenerate views of Nazi Germany and white supremacists. Fortunately, apart form the idiot neo-nazi, no one was hurt form the fire, but the arson attack reminds us to be vigilant, as fascism has changed many faces in the past decades and attached itself as an integral characteristic in right wing and nationalist politics across the globe. Don't be an idiot, don't be a fascist, don't be like Tristan Morgan.




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