Burn Capitalism not Coal - Climate Action Now

När: 2022-09-15 18:00
Var: Smålands Nation, Lund

The climate movement has had a comeback after the hard times during the most intense parts of the pandemic. Before the pandemic hit the planet climate and environmental issues were on top of the agenda with constant news stories on forest fires, flooding, mass extinction, and total destruction of the planet which we inhabit. With massive demonstrations and organizing all over the world, the climate movement had momentum and started to reach a point where resistance but also agenda setting for a survivable future was possible. We want to discuss with you how we come back, stronger than before and reach new goals as a climate movement.

In this lecture and workshop we will talk about the radical climate movement, intersections with relating struggles and some possible futures. Then we will in workshop form together with you discuss and learn together.

No previous experience is needed! Come as you are and bring friends and comrades :)

See you at Smålands

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