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Against the Logistics of Exploitation, TSS Stockholm meeting

In November we, TSS, will host a special gathering in Stockholm. Many collectives from many nations are attending and all are welcome: workers both unionized and not, unemployed, migrated, precarious. To sign up, scroll down, but please read also this little description of why we are organizing this meeting.

Logistics in contemporary production is, first of all, a system of non-stop transportation – all the parts and commodities that are mined and refined and assembled and packaged and stored and sold. The old conveyor belt of the factory is stretched across continents: ships and ports and trucks and highways, carriers and warehouses. Controlling the workforce in such a factory includes not only tracking devices or tools to pressure workers even outside the workplace. It also means taking advantage of the huge array of differences in conditions, contracts, salaries and citizenships. Some workers are kept for months away from home while others are on hold, unpaid, in zero-hour contracts, or made unemployed without warning – depending on what is the most cost efficient thing to do at that moment and time.

How do we organize in that type of factory? Our contracts look in a thousand different ways. We are citizens of every nation. And though our activities are connected, we often can’t see each other, speak to each other, or take common action to improve our conditions together. When we are all tied to these transnational chains and movements, we should be in better connection and have better chances to bring the factory to a halt. But instead, we are forced into deeper competition with each other.

It’s time we take a look at how we can coordinate across national borders and trades and contracts and unions.

In Sweden right now, a new law to prohibit workplace conflict has been proposed. If the law is passed it will cripple worker influence in a way that is unmatched in modern Swedish history. And the effects are also devastating to workers in every other country. We are witnessing yet another phase of capitalists trying to wipe out obstacles for their profits by weakening working class power wherever they can. This moment is as urgent as ever, for workers to meet and discuss ways to change things in another direction altogether.


Against the Logistics of Exploitation. Stockholm // November 23-24th // 2018:



If you would like to attend then please register using this form:


* RSVP by October 25.

✪✪✪✪ PROGRAMME ✪✪✪✪

(The detailed program will be released in November.)

Friday, 23/11 - Evening session
Saturday, 24/11 - All day workshop sessions
Sunday, 25/11 - Morning session: Internal coordination group meeting


▶ UK: Plan C

▶ SWEDEN: Allt åt Alla, SAC, Hamn4an (Hamnarbetarförbundet) the Swedish dockworkers union

▶ GERMANY: No one is illegal

▶ FRANCE: Sud Solidaires Union

▶ POLAND: Workers‘ Initiative Union

▶ ITALY: Coordinamento Migranti, Connessioni Precarie, SI COBAS Union, FIR

▶ BULGARIA: dВЕРСИЯ, Autonomous Worker's Syndicate

▶ GEORGIA: Ertoba 2013, Solidarity network- workers center

▶ GREECE: Vio.Me

▶ SPAIN: Cgt/Amazon en Lucha

More participants to be confirmed.

WEBSITE: https://www.transnational-strike.info/

(Stay tuned for more info about the program and the venue).


Länk: https://www.facebook.com/events/342866613135963/



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