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A call to action!

It’s easy to get angry, but harder to know what to do about it. We need to make constructive use of our anger to be able to change things, in this document we will give you some tips and easy to follow instructions on what you can do! _____________________________________ Collection of our material. _____________________________________ Contact the politicans!

Write them and demand a stop of all military technology and arms transfers to Turkey, on account of the countrys support, and use of of, Al-Qaida affilated jihadis and their aggresion against the democratic strive of the Kurds! You can use or attach our folder about the jihadi militias and about the companies supporting Turkey to give the politicans a background and references. We have compiled the email-adresses to the relevant politicans here:


_____________________________________ Contact the companies!

Write or call them, let them know what you think about their support for Turkey and Turkeys jihadists, demand a stop! Attach our folder about the jihadi-militias and their atrocities to show them what they are backing. We have compiled the email-adresses and phone numbers for the companies here:




_____________________________________ Visit the companies!

Print our information folder and/or our flyers and go to the companies physical adresses, inform the employees and the customers about the situation and the support given to Al-Qaida affiliated jihadis. Make an banner and stand outside their places of buisness to further spread the information and put preassure on these companies to stop! We have compiled their physical adresses below:


No Support for Erdogan

Länk: https://www.facebook.com/notes/no-support-for-erdogan/a-call-to-action/545074169327914/



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