Sweden is a socialist trap

1st of May is an important day in Sweden. I wanna take a moment on this day to address the issue of a leftist movement based on a (strong, organized) working class.

Yes, strike rights, yep, fair wages and influence over your work place, yes to safe work spaces to all.

On this day, celebrating (cuz that’s basically all that we are doing AND 1st of May is even a pacifying “gift from the government”; a national holiday).

– What about non-workers rights?
As this pandemic has caused joblessness to many and often those most precarious in the system it becomes clear that work has become the one validation for the right to exist at all as a human being.

On 1st of May, remember those who cannot organize at work, those for whom 30 kronor an hour is still better than no kronor at all, who are not included in any statistics and those whos work is not considered work (for example sexworkers).Remember those who want to but aren’t allowed to work due to laws creating obstacles. Who have institutionalized racism and xenophobia blocking them from employment. Those whos professional education does not count in a work market based on eurocentric white supremacist hierarchies.

And lastly, all those who choose not to work, in every extent possible, who refuse to id’ themselves through a career or profession. To separate their being from the capitalist society, which want nothing more than see us working our lives away for scraps.
Remember us.


Sweden is a socialist trap

The political spaces that I come from we learned to organize in complete different ways.

I’ve learnt that the State is my enemy.

I’ve learnt that landlords are my enemy.

I’ve learnt that all bosses are assholes.

Coming here, I feel irritated every time people are upset and surprised, when the Mother State does not provide, when Police oppresses and when your landlords push you out, despite a friendly deal and good beginnings.

coming here, people are so caught up in their image and reputation, they can’t handle dissidents.

But WE ARE dissidents. We are supposed to be just that.

Every day I wanna kill a cop that’s too violent people say we don’t want violence and chaos but they don’t know the cop is inside of me I want to kill the cop inside and also inside of me is chaos -which is a good thing.
in Sweden i find myself organizing with socialists. Some people are upset about the fact that the communists are taking over. I understand them, communists have always sold us out.

But I don’t care what’s considered “correct” anymore in a “scene” where a man can’t stand me demanding respect.

I am a dissident.

In Sweden, all you wanna talk about is workers rights.Whattabout non-workers rights?

What about the rights for those, who’ve chosen not to work.
What about the rights for those, whose work isn’t considered work.
What about the right for those, who want to but aren’t allowed to work.
Our pride can never ever ever ever come out of our productivity.

Antifa Takeover


Det är bra text, som till stor del kan instämmas i. Men.. Det är ändå grupper kvar som är exkluderade från dom icke-arbetande grupper som nämns, och då tänker jag ej på miljonärer och superrika. Om än i liten grad så existerar det också förakt och misstänksamhet bland autonom vänster, gentemot icke-arbetande. Om än inte lika utbrett som bland partierna och partisympatisörerna från främst höger sidan men också lite vänstersidan. Socialist trap låter lite som om det är 'skit samma', utan några sociala skyddsnät alls. Det kan jag ej instämma i, i så fall.


Orkar tyvärr inte läsa av två anledningar:

* Det är på engelska.

* Det känns spontant alltid ointressant när grupper utanför Sverige ska kritisera något som berör oss i Sverige.


Coolt att ni verkligen inte är Aktivista feminista med ett annat namn :)

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