Red Mirror Conference - Schedule/Schema

Note that there might be additional program points added further on.

FRIDAY 10th of December:

19.00-21.00: Workshop - RED MIRROR

Language: English/Swedish/Any

In this workshop/installation we are setting up five different interactive points based on broad themes developed and discussed by us in our work. We open at 19, but you will have the option of dropping in to take part in a variety of small discussions, interactive workshops, interactions with other attendees, texts, movie clips and so on where you can discuss, workshop and learn about technology, late capitalism and possible futures. The five stations are grouped in the themes: "automation/future of work", "communication and surveillance", "the body and feminism", "failed plans and bad ideas" and lastly "possible utopias". Some questions includes what a revolutionary Research & Development would look like, or how we face automation in our daily workplaces, how to encrypt your data securely against cops and an interactive tech revolutionary playlist building. These stations will remain during the conference as a whole. We invite you all to take part in this open collaborative discussion/exploration/militant investigation! Also, there will be snacks!

SATURDAY 11th of December:

10.00-11.30 Rojava behöver dig! - Rojavakommitteerna

Language: Swedish/Svenska

Sedan 2013 pågår en ekologisk, feministisk och direktdemokratisk revolution i norra Syrien, ett område ofta känt som Rojava. I vårt samtal kommer vi fokusera på den teknologiska utveckling som skett i området sedan dess; vad som tvingats fram av kriget och vad som fötts ur revolutionen. Vi kommer även se hur de knyts samman med rörelsens syn på begreppet "ekologisk industri" men också på de utmaningar området står inför - och vad du kan göra för att hjälpa."


Language: English

Drones are an ever more important technology which is changing warfare, police surveillance, many capitalist enterprises and perhaps even activism and struggle. In this hands-on workshop we talk concretely about how drones function, their capacities now and in the near future, (Swedish) laws which the state has put into place to control drones and much more. Drones!

11.30-13 LUNCH We are serving a vegan, delicious and cheap (pay what you want) lunch.

13.00-14.30: GIG WORKERS UNITE - Gigwatch and others

Language: English

Gig work is spreading rapidly, bringing uncertain labor conditions and low pay under the rule of technological systems to manage workers. Companies like Uber or Foodora are well-known for their attempts to undermine labor rights in both legal, social and technological ways. Are you a gig worker or just concerned with the future of our world? Come listen and talk to Gigwatch from Stockholm along with other gig workers, gig struggle organizations, researchers and activists and let's get going!


Verkstad: Lämna proprietära e-posttjänster. - Fripost

Language/Språk: Swedish/Svenska

Fripost anordnar en verkstad där vi flyttar e-post, kontakter, kalenderhändelser och dokument till Fripost. Frigörelse på nätet måste inte vara allt eller inget. Alltid något kan göras. Tillsammans sätter vi oss in i Internetbaserade tjänster utifrån var och ens kunskaper. Även Googles Drive och Docs, Drop Box och Microsoft går såklart att lämna. Ta med dator eller telefon. Verkstaden ger en översikt över vad det innebär att flytta från andra leverantörer.

Om Fripost


Fripost har funnits sedan 2010 och har ursprung i en rörelse för att bibehålla Internet som en decentraliserad struktur och har vuxit till en bred rörelse.

Friposts idé är väldigt enkel. Låt oss ta steget från att bara prata om integritetsproblemen till att faktiskt göra någonting. Genom att skapa alternativ tas makten tillbaka över en viktiga delar av den nödvändiga digitala kommunikationen.

Bara ett fåtal har kunskap och resurser nog att själva bygga de system som krävs för att slippa använda de övervakningskapitalistiska företagens tjänster. I Fripost låter vi de som vet hur sköta systemen. Andra hjälper till med hemsidan eller sprider vårt budskap på andra sätt. Ytterligare några deltar bara genom att de betalar medlemsavgiften och använder vår e-postlösning. Alla behövs! Och i Fripost är det medlemmarna som har makten över tekniken.

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Fully Automated Luxury Ecological But Some Technologies Are Abolished And Also It's Ecological Or What Communism?! - Autonom Organisering & Krakel

Language: English

In this discussion we are critically discussing concepts like "Fully Automated Luxury Communism" (FALC) which want to accelerate technological developments. Such projects are inevitably flawed from, among others, environmental and energy concerns. However, FALC is also an attempt at utopian thinking, however flawed the theory might be. In the age of climate catastrophe and seemingly incontestable and increasingly abstract capitalism, utopian thinking may be entirely necessary for any change to be imaginable enough to fight for. Can we create a movement for something than just against everything? How does technology mediate our ability both to imagine, and actually create, a better future? What has been won and lost through the capitalist technological development? What technologies should we embrace, which should we oppose, and on what grounds?

This discussion is a critical debate staged between perspectives staged between perspectives inspired by Marxist feminists such as on the one hand Silvia Federici who criticizes the destruction by capitalism of ancient ways of knowing and being and on the hand Donna Haraway, who rejects a return to a mythic past and embraces a technological cyborg future. This talk/debate starts as a discussion between the organizers and then moves into a broader debate with the audience. Come consider future communisms, the role of nature, technology, strategy and much more.


17.00-19.00 HACKITAT

Language: English

This documentary takes a look at hacking beyond computer screens. In the place were technology and activists meet. Where the need to circumvent state surveillance and surveillance capitalism is severe. Where people see an unfair system in society and find a way to hack it. This is the true hacker habitat.

What compels some people to spend time and energy on building equipment to measure radiation, starting decentralised networks and even committing crimes to create a just society? Who are the people in critical need of encryption and trying to hack the political system?

Delivered in chapter form, this film shows hacker projects and ‘system hacking‘ from Japan, Cuba, occupied Western Sahara, Belgium and Sweden. These chapters are intertwined with thought provoking interviews where hackers talk about what they do. The film mirrors hacker ethics with the writings of political theorist Emma Goldman. Filmed under a decade, it provides a unique insight into the global political hacker movement.


Afterwards, there will be a discussion with the creators of the documentary about political hacking.



There will be a conference party open to all attendees and others on Saturday evening.


There will be fika and coffee served constantly.


We are going to set up a room for children to play in. Note that we do not organize supervision, but we hope to encourage bringing children into political spaces (and have them not be bored)

Red Mirror


Ny programpunkt:

Lördag 13.00-14.30

Covid och kapitalismen

Language: Svenska/Swedish

Corona-Pandemin har skördat mer än 5 miljoner människoliv. Men var det oundvikligt? Vi kommer att prata om orsaker varför kapitalistiska stater inte kunde hantera pandemin bättre, vilka ideologier som driver en cynisk politik som offrar människoliv för ekonomiska intressen och varför bara de rika länder har fått tillräckligt med vaccin mot Covid-19

Red Mirror

Kommer det någon rapport för oss som inte var där?


Vi jobbar på det!