Project Communism Lund: Roadmap to Leftism

När: 2023-05-06 14:00
Var: India Däck, Lund

It isn't easy navigating leftist movements. From jargon, to insular attitudes, cultural norms and a huge ecology of different movements, currents and tendencies that can make you feel a little bit like trying to figure out who the Judean People's Front are. In this event we try to map the Swedish left in a brief historical and contemporary perspective to note major ways of organizing, ideological shifts and practices. It is geared mainly towards non-Swedish comrades who feel the need to better understand political contexts in order to get active, find resources or otherwise connect. Swedish comrades might very well find parts of it interesting to unpack why and how we are where we are, and what this "where" consists of.

This talk consists of a brief introduction and then becomes a Q&A session. The India Däck café will be open as usual so buy a coffee and come by!

Project Communism/Autonom Organisering