Lgbtiqa+ Club Unicorn // GMF support club

När: 2019-11-29 22:00
Var: Smålands Nation, Kastanjegatan 7, 22359 Lund, Lund

Klubb Unicorn is Smålands LGBTIQA+ Club, and is for queer, trans people and womxn first! It's Lund's only recurring LGBTIQA+ club since 2016.

We come together for Smålands cultural political week and to create a queer solidarity event for GMF with great DJs and live artists. GMF (Gruppen Mot Förvar, Group against detention) is a group of asylum activist who work to support the people in detention, at risk of detention, undocumented newly released from detention as well as those deported from Sweden in the recent mass-deportations that have taken place. The entrance money minus the DJ/artists gages is going to GMF.

*** Line-up ***

RUMINA (Malmö)
RUMINA is an upcoming Malmö DJ and member of the FNGRLCKN collective who mixes genres in a way that defeats gravity. She will make you a flat earth believer.

Ched Afoussinou
She will surprise you with some AfroLatinArab pop, rock and electro made by womxn.

*** on Stage***

Dragking performance by Boybend. The hottest guys in Malmö are back!

>> Varför drömma om att bli världsartist när en kan skapa sitt eget alias som superkänd pojkbandsidol? Boybend är ett drag(king/boy)-pojkband som uppstod i kärleken till pojkband och lek. Deras hits kanske känns igen men nu får vi höra dem i ny tappning! https://www.facebook.com/officialboybend/

Live music by Frankie Tuffragette!

A queer London punk poet and leader of dykecore band Tuffragettes. This time she will be on stage with a trall(-punk) poppy sound which is just transtastic!
>> https://frankietuffragette.bandcamp.com/release

⚧----------------INFORMATION---------------- 🌈

Klubb Unicorn is Smålands LGBTIQA+ Club and for queer, trans people and womxn first! As usual we are straight-friendly for friendly straights! We ask cis and hetero people to reflect on their position and behavior, so this club can be a safer place for all lgbtiqa+ people.

No sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no racism. Don’t assume people’s pronouns and gender!

We have gender-neutral toilets and our club is wheelchair accessible.

New in Lund? The best way to meet new people is to get involved, contact us if you would like to volunteer to help us organise or work during the night.


• ADRESS: Kastanjegatan 7, Lund

Sliding scale between 60kr and 100kr depending on your ability. The entrance money minus the DJ/artists gages is going to GMF.

Cash is Quing!

We always serve cheap and delicious vegan food ♥

Gruppen Mot Förvar (Group against detention) & Smålands Nation