Free the Stockholm Five! - Demonstrations in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku

In Finnish: Vapaus Tukholman viisikolle! - mielenosoituksia Helsingissä, Tampereella ja Turussa 28.8.


On Saturday people from all over Northern Europe traveled to Stockholm for the Strike Back mass demonstration for the workers’ right to strike in Sweden. On Friday evening seven people were detained on the Swedish borders. They were told by the police that they were detained on grounds of the Swedish Law on Foreigners. The law states that on the Swedish border the police can apprehend or refuse to admit anyone who they suspect is entering the country with the intent of committing a crime. It is still legal to demonstrate in Sweden, even though they are restricting the right to strike.

Two people were detained on the Norwegian border. They were set free on Saturday evening after the Strike Back demonstration had ended. Five people from Turku and Tampere who came on the ferry from Turku were detained at the ferry terminal in Stockholm. Four of them have been put in detention centers in Märsta and Gävle, presumably to await extradition to Finland. The fifth detainee has been allowed to make one phone call after having been isolated from the outside world for three and a half days. They are being held in a police prison presumably in Stockholm where they have a TV and can go outside into a 4 meters by 6 meters cage twice a day. They have not been interrogated by the police or charged with any crime.

We demand that the Stockholm Five be released immediately!

We will gather at the Swedish embassy in Helsinki (Pohjoisesplanadi 7) at 2 pm, the Swedish consulate in Turku (Kauppiaskatu 5) at 3.30 pm and at the Swedish consulate in Tampere (Otavalankatu 9) at 4 pm on Tuesday the 28th of August. Share this event, send out invites and spread the word!

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