Aten, Grekland: Solidaritet aktion med hungerstrejkaren Mohamed A. som hotas med deportation

On the afternoon of January 16th 2017 approximately 50 people held a direct action in solidarity to refugee Mohamed A. who is on a hunger strike in Greece since December 13th 2016, protesting his imminent deportation from Greece, while his life is in danger since he is wanted by the egyptian police because he dared to publicize a video depicting the murders of protesters by the Sisi regime in Egypt, following the military coup of 2013.

The solidarity intervention was held in the building of the Jounalists's Union during an event organized by the greek union for human rights, where amongst other heads of human rights organizations, a representative of the UN and the director of the asylum services in Greece were present.

The people in solidarity opened banners, threw information leaflets about his case, shouted solidarity slogans and through a mic read a letter by the hunger striker Mohamed A.

Today January 23th despite the fact that he is on the 40th day of hunger strike and his health has severely deteriorated he was transferred from the hospital to a cell at the Mytilene police station in Lesvos.