A day about Especifismo

När: 2023-02-26 13:00
Var: herrestagränd 5, 2nd floor, Stockholm

On the 26th of february, starting at 13.00, Nattsvart Verkstad invites you all to a day full of talks and conversations on the ideas of Especifismo. Now, you might wonder what especifismo is:

Throughout the history of anarchism we have struggled with the tension between making a full prefigurative revolution and fighting for the lives of those who get the worst positions in the prevailing power structure.

We also confront the problems of finding the revolutionary subject, avoiding vanguardism and liberal activism at the same time.

How do we build new power if we constantly petition the state and capital to do this work for us in the name of expedience? Do we organize in anarchist organizations or in broader organizations sharing methods of anarchistic organizing? Do we build parallel organizations like the FAI of revolutionary Spain?

Especifismo is an anarchist tradition originating in Latin America, closely related to the Platformism of Nestor Makhno's peasant army and aspects of Italian Anarcho-communism, which addresses many of these questions. We invite you to join a day of presentations and discussions on this exciting part of the anarchist movement.

Nattsvart Verkstad


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Och den som verkligen är intresserad av min politiska bakgrund kan läsa mina böcker "Dialog om frihet" 2001 och "Anarkismens Återkomst" 2006, de finns på biblioteket. Därmed avslutar jag för min del diskussionen i detta ämne.