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Attack on the passport office of the police in Malmö

On the 17th of November, the leaders of the nations of the European Union gathered in Gothenburg for the EU summit. The EU maintains its external borders vigilantly, leading to countless deaths of people trying to enter Europe. Internally, the border controls returned during the latest "refugee-crisis", and at the Swedish border they are still in place. Borders and deportations protect the rich and powerful of the European societies, at the price of murder and incarceration, and they manifest themselves clearly in passports and police.

The police willingly do the insidious work of controlling the borders and carrying out deportations. At the same time, the EU gives the police forces of the member states extended possibilities for repressive cooperation, enabling them to exchange information and issue arrest warrants for sought-after people across the EU.

The police mobilized massively to protect the EU summit in Gothenburg, so we decided to strike somewhere else, away from their attention.

For these reasons, and many more, we attacked the passport office of the police in Malmö with rocks on the night of the EU summit.

We send warm rebellious greetings to those who fight against borders and nationstates and to those who fought the police on the 30th of September when Nazis were marching in Gothenburg, especially to those who are now jailed or going to trial for the events on that day.



Jag vill citera kamrat Camatte ur Against Domestication,

"We now come to the category of people who feel that they have to "do something": they are now having to realize that their understanding of the situation is totally inadequate, and their efforts to conceal this fact only makes their powerlessness more obvious. The "silent majority", who make up the rest, are permeated with the belief that it is pointless to do anything, because they simply have no perspective. Their silence is not consent pure and simple, but rather evidence of their incapacity to intervene in any way. The proof of this is that when they are mobilized, it is never for something but against it. Their particular passivity is therefore negative."


Bra aktion!


Tusen sidor av teori är lika med några minuter av aktion!!

Bra gjort kamrater!


Gött jobbat.


Revolution är en fråga om innehåll, inte form, med andra ord, alla aktioner har inte värde!


@antiaktivism du låter bitter. Hoppas att du hittar innehåll och form snart.


Du kan ju skriva vad du tycker istället för att citera andra...


Kära Max,

Jo men citat uttrycker vad jag tycker och Camatte är ju en influens inom den insurektionära anarkismen så varför ska det inte citeras?


Camatte faller platt.

M. Bakunin

Nej, Camatte reser sig perfekt ur askan av den franska bordigistksa miljön, en perfekt fortsättning på marxismen ur 1968 händelserna.


Camatte har fått spatt. Teorin är bra men praktiken suger. Kapitallogik = nihilism = 0 resultat. GÖR något istället kära du! Vad sägs om en liten, liten aktion? :)

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